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Playing your Downloadable Movies (Helix DRM)

Please follow these instructions carefully to download, activate, and play our adult movies.

Step #1 - Install RealPlayer

You must install RealPlayer before you try to play any movies as it is a requirement, you can download the free player by clicking on RealPlayer logo below.

Versions newer than RealPlayer v11 are known to have some problems playing DRM protected movies. We recommend that you select a version of RealPlayer from the drop-down menu above (ONCE INSTALLED DO NOT UPGRADE TO NEWER VERSIONS OF REALPLAYER). If you are running a newer version then we recommend that you downgrade to a version from the menu above.

Step #2 - Downloading your Movie(s)

Please login and go to your order history to view movie download here!

Step #3 - Activation of Movie(s)

When your movie downloaded is complete double-click on the movie file, Real Player will then open. Real Player might need to install a new software plug-in before you can play or activate your movie, to do this it will access the Internet and automatically download the required component(s).

When the update is complete a new window will open asking you to enter your login details, these details are the same ones that you use to sign-in to (email address and password). You will then be presented with the option to activate your adult video purchase.

If you need further help contact us.